Job Opening: Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies, Nagoya University

job opening - 5Institution:       Nagoya University, Graduate School of Letters
Location:          Japan
Position:          Associate Professor or Full Professor, Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies

Faculty Position Announcement

The Graduate School of Letters of Nagoya University in Japan is inviting applications for a position in “Japan-in-Asia” cultural studies. As a full-time faculty member, the person hired will be expected to perform duties associated with administration and teaching as well as research activities. We would appreciate it if you could circulate this announcement widely to the relevant individuals in your institution.

  1. Position title:
    Associate Professor or Full Professor (permanent contract)2.     Number of Positions:
    One position

    3.     Starting Date:
    October 1, 2016(negotiable)

    4.     Duties and Responsibilities:
    (1)    Teaching courses on cinema, literature and/or popular culture in “Japan-in-Asia” in Japanese.
    (2)    Teaching liberal arts courses in Japanese, or courses in the Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program offered to international students and returnee Japanese students in English.
    (3)    Contributing to projects and operations of the Graduate School of Letters.
    (4)    Other administrative duties.

  2. Qualifications:
    (1)    Scholars who both involve research on the relationship between Japan and East Asian countries (especially Korea) AND can also teach courses on Film Theory, Literary Theory and/or Cultural Theory are particularly encouraged to apply.
    (2)    Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or have verifiable documentation of an outstanding academic career equivalent to or exceeding said scholarly achievement.
  3.  Salary and Benefits
    Salary and Benefits will be determined in accordance with the Nagoya University Employee Work Rules.
    See details.
    (English translation:
  4. Application Documents:
    (1)    Curriculum vitae (including email address and a list of academic achievements).
    (2)    Copies of three key publications. (Offprints and photocopies are acceptable. Mark these publications in the list of academic achievements.) Enclose 300-word (maximum) abstract of each paper and 800-word (maximum) abstract of each book or a Ph.D. dissertation.
    (3)    Statement of research and teaching interests (up to two pages).
  5. Deadline for Applications:
    Applications must arrive byApril 28, 2016.
  6. Send Applications to:
    Prof. Jun’ichi Sakuma
    Dean, the Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University
    Furō-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8601, Japan
    (Application documents must be sent in an envelope marked in red with “Application Documents for Japanese Cultural Studies.”)
  7.  Selection Procedure:
    (1)  First screening: Short-listing through application documents
    (2)  Second screening: Interview with successful applicants of first screening. A short demonstration lecture in Japanese may also be requested. Applicants who live in Japan will be interviewed at Nagoya University. (Please note that the Graduate School of Letters will not bear the travel costs for interviews.) Applicants who live overseas will be interviewed via Skype.
  8.  Please Note:
    (1)  Applicants may be asked to provide additional information regarding their achievements during the selection process.
    (2)  Application documents and any personal information submitted will be used for the purpose of this screening only. In the case that a published book is submitted, it will be returned to the applicant.
    (3)  For further information and inquiries, please contact:
    Prof. Hideaki FUJIKI
    Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University
    Furō-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8601, Japan
  9. Other:
    Nagoya University promotes diversity in its faculty, and is currently engaging in the “Positive Action for Increasing Female Faculty Numbers (”. We welcome and strongly encourage applications from female and international scholars.


Prof. Hideaki FUJIKI
Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University
Furō-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8601, Japan
Phone/Fax: (+81)52-789-2666

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