Workshop: Discovering the Japanese Collection at Brigham Young University

Discovering the Japanese Collection at Brigham Young University

*Symposium and Workshop, March 25-26, 2016

*Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

The collection of rare Japanese books, manuscripts, and paintings held in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections of the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University is splendid, and yet remains largely unknown to most students and scholars of Japanese history, literature, and art. The purpose of this symposium and workshop is to introduce the collection to interested scholars from around the world.

Three keynote speakers will address two important items in the collection. Professor Ishikawa Tōru of Keiō University (慶應義塾大学 石川透) and Professor Hayashi Kōhei of Tomakomai Komazawa University (苫小牧駒沢大学 林晃平) will speak on the mid-17th century Nara-e illustrated handscroll of the Urashima Tarō Tale (浦嶋太郎絵巻). Professor Unno Keisuke of the National Institute of Japanese Literature (国文学研究資料館 海野圭介) will speak on the early-18th century manuscript of the poetic text Waka dairin shō (和歌題林抄).

Other speakers will introduce the collection’s holdings as well as the history of the collection itself. Please note that the keynote speakers will deliver their addresses in Japanese. Other speakers, and the workshop sessions, will be conducted in English.

The workshop portion of the event will consist of several sessions focused on thematic groupings of items, determined by the interests of attendees. Please see the accompanying application form for a list of representative themes and items from the collection. Attendees are encouraged to indicate what themes and genres interest them, and what individual items they would like to see in the course of the workshop sessions.

Registration for the symposium and workshop are free. Accommodations (2 nights) and meals will be provided for attendees while at BYU. Space is limited, however. Please apply by Wednesday, February 24, 2016. Simply fill out the accompanying application form and email it to Jack Stoneman (

Please see the flier and application form linked here for more information.

Please direct any questions to Jack Stoneman (

About Travis

I am a scholar of Japanese & Okinawan history with a particular interest in the history of arts and culture, and inter-Asia interactions, in the early modern period. I have been fortunate to enjoy the opportunity to live in Okinawa for six months in 2016-17, and in mainland Japan on multiple occasions, including from Sept 2019 to now.
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