Fun Link Friday: Star Wars Screen Painting at Kiyomizudera


Two Stormtroopers stand next to calligraphy of 覚醒 (awake) and a gold-leaf-covered Rimpa-style screen of Kylo Ren as Raijin and Rey as Fujin. Source.

One of Kyoto’s most famous temples Kiyomizu-dera is a must see if you visit Japan. But if you’re in Japan this December, you can check out something rather unique at this World Heritage site: Star Wars art.

Like the Mario and Luigi painting unveiled earlier this year, this is a Rimpa-style Force Awakens screen painting with Kylo Ren as Raijin (雷神), the Japanese god of thunder and storms, and Rey as Fujin (風神), the Japanese god of wind.

Via Kotaku. For a Japanese version, see Cinema Today.

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