Book Announcement: Nara Japan, 749-757: A Study and Translation of Shoku Nihongi, Tenpyō Shōhō 1 – Tenpyō Hōji 1

naraThis is the first full translation into a Western language of this segment of Shoku Nihongi, the official court chronicle of Japan’s eighth century. It includes Emperor Shōmu’s declaration beforeRushana Buddha at Tōdaiji, Shōmu’s abdication and the accession of Empress Kōken, Hachiman’s entry into Nara, the death of Emperor Shōmu, and the suppression of the Tachibana Naramaro conspiracy.

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Volume 2 in a projected five-volume translation of Shoku Nihongi, 749-770. Volume 1 was The Edicts of the Last Empress, 749-770.

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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