Call for Writers: Articles, Resource Review, Fun Links

Here at What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies? (Shinpai Deshou) we aim to provide people with as much information on using Japanese in academic and professional fields as possible, but our limited number of writers can make it difficult to keep up with our own full-time work schedules.

Therefore, we would like to welcome one-time and/or regular (monthly or bi-monthly) writers in three different areas:

Main Articles:

These are 3-6 page articles that offer information or advice for people (students to professionals) in the Japan field. Share your experiences and knowledge with others! For examples, see this page.

Length: One-time or more!

We are interested in people who:

  • Work or have worked in professional settings in or related to Japan
  • Have worked at or with translation companies (we get a lot of questions about this!)
  • Have experience with Japan-related societies
  • Have experience with Japan-related NPOs in the US or abroad
  • Work in an academic setting in the US or Japan
  • Have any other ideas about an article (or articles!) they would like to write that relates to their experiences in the Japanese field

Resource reviews:

These articles are 1-2 pages long, and offer brief introductions to an online resource (both academic and non-academic) related to the Japan field. Oftentimes these are websites, databases, museum catalogs, etc. For examples, see this page, this page, and this page.

Length: One-time; once or twice monthly

We are interested in people who:

  • Would like to write reviews of/introductions to online resources specifically geared towards information on Japan/Japanese language**
  • Would like to review/introduce their own university or business’s useful resource

** we actually have a lot of these backlogged we could provide a writer!

Fun Link Fridays:

These mini-articles, 1-3 paragraphs in length, focus on something culturally fun or recently newsworthy having to do with Japan. These can be cultural events, new gadgets, online language games, Japan-events highlighted in the news, etc. They’re quick to write and fun to search for down the rabbit-hole of the internet. For examples see this page.

Length: One-time; once or twice monthly

We are interested in people who:

  • Would like to share their fun (and appropriate!) internet findings having to do with Japan from a variety of sites around the web


As you can probably tell, this is voluntary work, and we can offer no compensation but good karma for helping make Shinpai Deshou one of the best websites out there for Japan-field resources and information.  Our writing requirements are low-maintenance and more details can be provided upon contact. Please consider becoming a part of our team!

Interested parties can reach us at


About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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