Fun Link Friday: Japanese Ice Cream

As much as I like eating local marionberry or coffee ice cream in the PNW, sometimes I just want a big cone of tulip, black-sesame, or sakura アイス!I hope you’re feeling hungry, because today’s fun link is about Japanese ice cream flavors.

Image source: maricobabylon Image of a hand holding up squid-ink ice cream (ikasumi)

Japan is known for its unique soft-serve flavors, and Tsunagu Japan recently provided a list of 10 flavors you won’t want to miss. Tsunagu Japan’s list even includes senbei and konbu ice creams, and gives you a bit of background on the actual taste and the local history behind each type of soft serve. Yum!

N.b.: There’s plenty of lists out there from all sorts of blogs and mainstream media that label these flavors as “weird,” “gross,” or “wacky,” and you know what? This “wacky Japan” reporting has to stop. Ice cream, like all food, is heavily influenced by culture, so if your culture doesn’t eat black sesame or cherry blossoms, or doesn’t eat chocolate with peanut butter or with mint, that doesn’t make those flavors weird. Let’s enjoy them for what they are and appreciate the local culture!

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