Call for Papers: “Ocha Zanmai”お茶三昧: 2016 San Francisco International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Cultures

call for papers [150-2]Call for Papers

Date:  May 1, 2016

Location:  California, United States

Who: All are invited to apply, including (but not limited to) scholars, students, artists, museum curators, tea practitioners, and tea manufacturers.

What: Any subject matter related to the Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu) will be considered. Chanoyu touches broad aspects of Japanese life and culture.

How: Send an English abstract (250~500 words) for a 20~30-minute presentation with a separate cover sheet to Prof. Midori McKeon ( The cover sheet must contain the title of the paper, applicants’ full name, position, institution, email address, street address, and telephone number. Please write the title on the top of the abstract page but do not write your name or the institution that you belong to. The cover sheet and the abstract will be separated for a blind peer review.

Guest Speakers: 

Mr. Seiwemon Onishi, “Cha-no-yu-Kama: Beauty and Appreciation”

大西清右衛門氏(千家十職釜師) 「茶の湯釜:美と鑑賞」

Dr. Kunio Kirisako, ” Tea Rooms in Momoyama Era (late 16th century) andYamanoue no Soji ki

桐浴邦夫博士 (建築史家)「山上宗二記と桃山の茶室」



Contact Info:

Prof. Midori McKeon

San Francisco State University

1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

Contact Email:


About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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