The Job Hunt: Resources (5)

job opening - 5In five previous articles, we introduced a number of sites that are helpful for finding Japan-related jobs.

The Job Hunt: Getting Started:
The Job Hunt: Resources
The Job Hunt: Resources (2)
The Job Hunt: Resources (3)
The Job Hunt: Resources (4)

This week we’re providing more resources we’ve found across the web, either from general searches or Japanese Studies university webpages. If you’re looking for new ideas about what kind of jobs are out there and where to search, some of these places may be good ones to start. There is some information about the sites at a glance, as well as brief comments from users who sent the links our way. For questions about the specifics of each company, please contact the site administrators directly.


Wantedly (

Wantedly is a social recruiting tool that is widely used by startups and tech companies. In order to gain access, you must sign up through their website, and they have multilingual options available if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Career Trek (

Career trek, which includes a Japanese-only site, is aimed largely at 20-somethings looking for career change. In order to gain access you must sign up for an account.

Leading Mark (

Another Japanese-only site, Leading Mark is aimed mostly at students, with options for recent graduates or those currently employed.

APowerJob (

APowerJob is also Japanese-only. The site is easy to navigate and search. They seem to update fairly regularly with new job postings and allow you to search not only for jobs that require English ability but many other languages too. They also have some useful articles on job searching and business manners in Japan.

Gaikokujin Kyuujin Net (

This site is all in Japanese. You can register to find out more information, but it appears to be useful, being aimed specifically at foreigners and including information on both full-time and part-time positions.


That’s it for now– more soon! Have any other sites you frequently use or have heard about that we didn’t list above or in previous articles? Please send us an email at and let us know so we can include it in a future post!




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