Resource: Burke Collection Online Catalog

Thanks to the Japan Art History Forum (JAHF) for publicizing the launch of a beautiful online catalog of the Mary Griggs Burke Collection. The Burke collection is one of the most prominent collections of Japanese art outside of Japan, and the website includes catalog information and hi-res images of over 1000 artworks.

I cannot recall if I have ever seen the Burke Collection on display in person, though it is very much a name I have come across time and again. The collection seems to include chiefly Japanese Buddhist paintings, ink landscapes, Genji scenes, birds & flowers paintings, and the like, as well as a handful of works of sculpture and pottery, a very few ukiyo-e paintings (I don’t see any prints), and a number of Chinese and Korean works.

Many of these works are widely cited, by scholars such as Murase, Tsuji Nobuo, Narazaki, Kobayashi Tadashi, and Matthew McKelway, and this website is really going to be a great resource for anyone looking to work on these objects – or just to look at them and enjoy. Many museums these days have fantastic collections websites as well, but many do not, so it’s great to see one more private collection opened up, so to speak, to public access in this way. The large hi-res images are particularly nice to see.

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