The Job Hunt: Resources (3)

job opening - 5In three previous articles, we introduced a number of sites that are helpful for finding Japan-related jobs.

The Job Hunt: Getting Started:
The Job Hunt: Resources
The Job Hunt: Resources (2)

This week we’re providing more resources we’ve found across the web, either from general searches or Japanese Studies university webpages. If you’re looking for new ideas about what kind of jobs are out there and where to search, some of these places may be good ones to start. There is some information about the sites at a glance, as well as brief comments from users who sent the links our way. For questions about the specifics of each company, please contact the site administrators directly.



Rather than primarily Japan, TOP is a placement agency that focuses on Japan-related businesses in the United States. They have multiple offices across the US, and their site gives you search options by area/state, keyword, category, or job type. More options for placement are likely available after registration, where you can build your professional profile for submission via the website.

Robert Walters (

This site, focused primarily on jobs in Japan, is updated daily with postings in English and Japanese. It has a good variety and is very easy to sign up with (just upload your resume Word or PDF file, no filling in forms on the site). If you click their listings by specialization, there is sometimes a brief summary of the recent state of that field in the market. Their headhunters get back to you quickly about whether they would like to do a first interview with you about the job.

MyShigoto (

MyShigoto only features an English-language site for job listings in Japan, occasionally with Japanese-language postings. They gather job listings from all throughout the internet and link to them here. The search abilities on the site are limited, but easy to skim through. Their search feature is not very sophisticated, but you can sign up for new listings via newsletter.

JapanTimes Jobs (

The Japan Times job listings are not that numerous, but the ones they have are often unique (not seen on other sites). They also have labels for whether or not jobs are meant for mid-career applicants or new graduates. You can search by specific industry area or by company name, as well as search keywords. Postings appear to be mostly Japanese-only.


That’s it for now– more soon! Have any other sites you frequently use or have heard about that we didn’t list above or in previous articles? Please send us an email at and let us know so we can include it in a future post!

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