Workshop: Intensive summer program in Japanese music


This INTENSIVE THREE-DAY COURSE ON JAPANESE MUSIC will be offered at the Kyoto City University of Arts fromAUGUST 18-20, 2015.

It will introduce many of the genres of traditional Japanese music that have been transmitted to the present and are still actively performed. The course will also discuss the varied ways of experiencing musical modernity in the context of the overwhelming dominance of western music in Japan. It will provide an accessible overview of Japanese music culture for non-Japanese participants, including performers, composers and musicologists.

The major genres to be covered include gagaku, shōmyō, and shakuhachi and koto music. The narrative genres of heike and jōruri and their place in the nō, bunraku and kabuki theatres will be introduced. Practical experience with koto and shakuhachi forms part of learning sessions, and a concert is scheduled for the evening of August 20.

Cost: 5,000 yen

Lecturer: Alison Tokita (Director, Research Centre for Japanese Traditional Music)

Practical component: Okada Michiaki (shakuhachi) and Miyama McQueen-Tokita (koto)

Recommended reading: Bonnie C. Wade, Music in Japan: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture. Oxford University Press, 2004 (Paperback)

Registrations must be received by Friday July 31 by email.

Registration form can be found on the website:

Enquiries should be made to the lecturer, Alison Tokita:

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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