Fun Link Friday: Dahl’s Japan

With apologies for getting political, I just came across these English-language political cartoons from the Japan Times, and (if you are politically aligned with their positions) they are just wonderful.

As his bio on the Japan Times website says, “Roger Dahl has been contributing editorial cartoons and his Zero Gravity strip for The Japan Times since 1991. He also is an illustrator; his most recent project, a children’s book called “Wisha Wozzariter” (Penguin Publishing), was released in 2012. An American from Seattle, he is a graduate of the University of Washington.”

Here are some of my favorite recent strips from Dahl’s Japan:

For more, check out Dahl’s Japan, at the Japan Times.

Dahl also has another strip at the Japan Times called Zero Gravity.

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I am a scholar of Japanese & Okinawan history with a particular interest in the history of arts and culture, and inter-Asia interactions, in the early modern period. I am currently working on how cultural and political realities were produced and maintained through diplomatic ritual performance in Luchuan (Okinawan) embassies to the Tokugawa shogunate.
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