Resource: Finding Internships/Jobs through Active Connector

Through the magic of new Twitter followers, I recently came across the Active Connector website, which may be of use to people at various levels of Japanese competency who are interested in finding internships or jobs in or related to Japan.

active connector

I will say upfront that I am not familiar with this site and have never used it, but at a glance, it seems to be quite helpful. The goal of Active Connector is to facilitate global connections in business and industry by helping people, especially students, find various kinds of employment at Japanese companies. This is especially useful in light of the harsh conditions and limited success in job hunting in Japan by college graduates, which is often even more difficult for foreigners who may not be well-versed in how to work the Japanese system of employment to their advantage.

You can visit Active Connector’s news page to see local events, many of which appear to be in English, and follow them on Twitter to find job/internship announcements. It looks like signing up for their site is free, and even if you just want to get a brief look at what they can offer, they have a jobs page with limited access to information about some of their recent job postings.

Do you have experience with Active Connector? Any thoughts to share on it? Please shoot us an email at or leave a comment below!

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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