Fun Link Friday: A Playlist of Music in Haruki Murakami’s Novels

Image of Murakami Haruki's novels

Illustration by Lauren Hansen, via The Week

For fans of novelist Murakami Haruki, check out this article on the music in his novels and the linked playlists of music appearing in his works. (More than just “Norwegian Wood”!)

At times, reading Murakami’s work can feel like flipping through his legendarily expansive record collection. (In
a 2011 New York Times article, Murakami estimated that he owns 10,000 records, but says he was afraid to count.) Almost without exception, Murakami’s musical references are confined to one of three genres: classical, jazz, and American pop. Many of his novels, including Norwegian Wood, Dance Dance Dance, and South of the Border, West of the Sun — derive their titles from songs, and his characters constantly reflect on the music they hear. If anything, Murakami’s reliance on music has become more pronounced over the years; his two most recent novels hinge on songs that literally have the power to change the world.

Check out the playlists and post on The Week (HT Open Culture)

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