Call for Papers: Intersection of Modern Japanese Literature

call-for-papers-150-21International Research Conference: Intersection of Modern Japanese Literature
This conference aims to encourage links and connections between the research emerging around the world on modern Japanese literature and research activities within Japan. We hope to offer the opportunity for researchers in other countries who are working on modern literature to
present their work in Japan, while also offering a space for researchers in Japan who would like to make links and connections with research trends abroad.

Theme: Intersection of Modern Japanese Literature Aims: Crossing the boundaries of “Japan” and “the Japanese language”, movements in search of networks within modern Japanese literature research are on the rise. Even if the objects of study are texts written in Japanese, the research itself is done in a variety of languages, and each research space also has its own unique character. Unfortunately, however, the regional and linguistic constraints on this research have also hindered the mutual exchange of ideas, leaving a situation in which research is stalled at the regionalist level.  For this purpose we organized the international conference, Interfaces of Modern Japanese Literature, in 2013 and it gathered many participants from various countries. We are going to hold another international conference, Intersection of Modern Japanese Literature, on November 22nd, 2015. At this conference, we aim to make use of the Nihon Kindai Bungakukai as a space that will function as an interface for a diverse range of research on “modern Japanese literature”. In so doing, the hierarchical structure of the Japan- and Japanese language-centrism inherent in the “Japan” vs “abroad” division may also be directly questioned. We are calling for active participation to create a space for open dialogue not constrained by the framework of traditional conferences.

•   The conference will be held on November 22, 2015 at Waseda University, Waseda Campus (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).
•   Presenters are free to choose their own topics (provided they relate to modern Japanese literature or to literary studies).
•   Individual or panel presentations will be accepted.
•   Both members and non-members of Nihon Kindai Bungakukai may apply. The applications which suite the theme and aims of this conference will be given priority.
•   Both individual and panel presentations are to be given in Japanese (for panel presentations only, if presenters can provide their own Japanese interpreters, then any language will be accepted).
•   Individual presentations are to be 30 minutes (plus 15 minutes for Q&A); panel presentations are to be a total of 2-2.5 hours for the entire panel (there is no limitation on the number of presenters in a given panel; the number of participants and the structure of the panel is up to each panel to decide).
•   There is no fee for presenting. However, presenters (including interpreters) are responsible for any of their own travel, accommodation, printing, and miscellaneous costs.

We will be accepting applications for both individual and panel presentations between April 1 and  30, 2015 (applications must be received by this date). Please send your completed entry sheet (found on the Nihon Kindai Bungakukai website) and your abstract to the address given below either by e-mail or by post (to be received by the deadline). For individual papers, abstracts should be about 400 Japanese characters; for panels, please provide an abstract in Japanese for the panel as a whole in addition to the abstracts for each individual presenter, for a total of about 1500 characters.

Applicants will be contacted as soon as selections have been made.  The location and order of presentations will be decided by the organizing committee. Please address any questions you may have to the address below. We look forward to receiving many applications in the hopes that this opportunity may be of benefit to as many researchers as possible. Any details regarding locations and times will be updated on the Nihon Kindai Bungakukai homepage as they become available. Please distribute this information widely, as we hope to receive a broad and diverse selection of applicants.

Entry Sheet: Can be downloaded from the Nihon Kindai Bungakukai homepage.

Please send applications to:
Post: Wada Atsuhiko, Nihon Kindai Bungakukai Jimukyoku
Waseda University, Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences
1-6-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo, 169-8050 JAPAN

*Please note that the postal address is different from that used for the regular Nihon Kindai Bungakukai conference.

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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