Fun Link Friday: Japanese Youtubers for Listening Practice

Last month, RocketNews24 presented a wonderful and detailed list of youtubers they recommend to improve your Japanese listening skills.

I love youtube, so this guide was helpful. For language learning, I feel old that this option for being exposed to Japanese was not available when I was in high school. Many Japanese youtubers also weren’t that active through most of my college years, so I am always excited about finding new favorites to keep me up to speed while I’m living in the US. I was aware of some of the youtubers mentioned by RocketNews24 and I’ve found that several of them have been effective and interesting for higher-level proficiency as you get towards the bottom of the article. And who doesn’t like Cooking with Dog, right?

As the article points out, you could peruse the 100 most subscribed youtube channels in Japan to find more.

For this week’s FLF, I want to introduce another youtube channel I think could help with listening skills.

My favorite entertaining Japanese youtuber for practicing my listening skills is a content curator, Ari Keita.

Several years ago I asked a Japanese college student, who was using youtube to help with her English studies, which Japanese youtube channels I should check out. She introduced me to Ari Keita. He deals in current news, entertainment, humor, and talking as fast as humanly possible in his とりあえず時事ってみた(TJM) series. That means he covers a wide variety of topics from week to week. With about 58,722 subscribers, he has a moderate following. It seems his archive is cleaned out regularly, but he posts frequently. These videos are fast-paced and quick, which keeps me listening (2 or 3 times even). Personally, I improve my listening best by hearing fast-paced Japanese during studying. Straining to keep up is good for me. Then, a regular face-to-face conversation or presentation at normal speed doesn’t seem so daunting. I suppose the danger is I might start speaking too quickly, but I’m aware of it. Ari Keita has some other content projects and a vlog channel on youtube, as well. One of his latest videos was interesting words from 2014 (English and Japanese).

Ari Keita’s pronounces each word oh so carefully and three times for good measure, it cracks me up. I learned some new English buzz words I was probably better off not knowing, thanks. The second half is about Japanese words in 2014 from pop culture, politics, and other news.

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite Japanese youtube channel!

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