Fun Link Friday: Grated Daikon Sculptures in Nabe

Let Masanori Kobo teach you how to play with your food this winter with his grated daikon sculptures in nabe.

Masanori Kobo, via Spoon & Tamago

Masanori Kobo, via Spoon & Tamago

Kono sculpted the grated radish into the shape of a polar bear, added a bit of seaweed for eyes and nose and plopped him in the center of his pot. Coining his creation “Polar Bear Nabe,” he posted a picture to twitter, which quickly went viral. Shocked by its popularity, and surprised that no one had ever thought of this first, Kono decided to publish the recipe on CookPad. He also followed up on his creation with other variants that included panda bears, lambs and other white animals soaking in the hot bath.

His online popularity has now landed him a book deal. Hitting shelves this Friday is “Grated Daikon Art” (daikon oroshi art), which features pictures and recipes from Kono’s repertoire. Nabe will never be boring again.

Read the full article on Spoon & Tamago.

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