Fun Link Friday: Real Haunted Homes in Japan?

Halloween may have passed, but that’s no reason to stop bringing the chills! Teru Oshima has developed a new kind of real-estate map, one mapping Japan’s most haunted property locations, where grisly events leading to unnatural deaths have occurred. Typically real-estate agents are supposed to notify potential residents of any unpleasant past history at their locations, but for obvious reasons, this is not always the case. For those that do disclose, oftentimes owners are forced to give discounts to offset any unease about purchases or rentals. This make’s Oshima’s project all the more interesting, as the superstitious may know where to avoid selecting residences, while the non-superstitious can hunt for incredible bargains on living spaces.


Much like star-ratings at restaurants, each unnatural death in a house or apartment is given a fire symbol, and often the entries are connected to local information about the area and the event itself. While the project began as a private side hobby, Oshima now has a staff and has opened up contributions to the site through wikipedia-like public access. With over 8,000 listings in Tokyo alone, this is easily an interesting way to lose a few hours of your afternoon exploring the spooky side of Japan’s geography.

The original article at the Wall Street Journal can be found here.

Happy Friday!

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