Call for Papers: Journal of East Asian History

call for papers [150-2]The Journal of East Asian History will work as a scientific forum for those, who are doing research about the history of Japan, Korea, China, and Mongolia. Due to its long history this geographical sphere has seen several changes of its political, social, cultural, and economic setting. However, with regard to a long time of Euro-centric perspectives, the East Asian region remained analyzed rather stepmotherly and the interconnections of the states of the region itself lacked clear identification. Especially with regard to cultural transformations, migration movements, war time histories and many more topics, there are still sufficient questions unanswered. Therefore we encourage scholars to express their recent research about such historic questions, to provide a broader audience with an insight into the region’s manifold history.

The Journal of East Asian Studies therefore invites scholars who are doing research on the history of one or more of the single countries of East Asia – no matter which time period – to send in articles, which resemble actual and original research on these regions. Especially welcome are papers that would deal with a comparative perspective of the region or the history of interrelated aspects.

Next to established scholars we also encourage young scholars to send in articles to be considered for publication. All papers will be blind-peer-reviewed before they are accepted. Reviews of recent books, which are covering the history of East Asia in general or specific national aspects of the region are always welcome. Please send your papers ore reviews to the editor:

Deadline is December 31st for Vol.1, which will be published in March 2015.


Dr. Frank Jacob
History Department


About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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