Fun Link Friday: Loneliness sells?


Photo from Tokyo Trends

Some of you may remember many news articles in recent months detailing the popular practice of one restaurant, Tokyo’s Moomin Cafe, to provide single customers with oversized stuffed animals as company for their dining pleasure. Though I’ve not seen it myself (the shop is only a few minutes from my apartment, but there’s always a line!), the pictures leave me with uneasy questions about whether this leans more stunt or is actually really appreciated by customers who can’t bear the thought of eating their muffins by themselves.

In any case, Moomin’s skyrocketing popularity aside, one Japanese company, UniCare, also seems to have created what they call a “tranquility chair,” not so much as a gimmick, but as a way for the elderly to feel a comforting embrace whenever they want. The chair is designed with a larger than life doll’s form, with long, padded arms you can wrap around yourself whenever you just need a warm hug. It’s nice to see efforts being made to keep up people’s spirits, but do you think it will catch on to younger folks too? See the original article here.


Photo from The Telegraph

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