Call for Papers: Photographic Manipulation in Asia

call for papers [150-2]Composite Realities: the Art of Photographic Manipulation in Asia

Special issue of the TAP Review, guest edited by Claire Roberts (University of Adelaide, Australia) and Yi Gu  (University of Toronto, Canada)

Manipulation – of light, time and process – is central to the production of photographs. It is because of this inherent flexibility, perhaps, that practitioners have long played with the apparent objectivity of the medium. In the pre-digital era, techniques that have been used to improve upon or challenge the rhetoric of truth associated with photography include the use of painted studio backdrops, and techniques such as masking, vignetting, multiple exposures, composite photography, photo montage, photo collage, as well as retouching, inscribing and hand colouring.

How have photographers working across Asia engaged in practices that might be regarded as thinking beyond the camera to create images that combine document and artifice? The art of photographic manipulation in Asia will be the topic of the fall issue (2015) of the Trans Asia Photography Review. Photographs under discussion can be historic or contemporary (including digitally manipulated images), artistic, promotional, conceptual or personal. Photographs can come from any location within Asia or Asian diaspora communities. We welcome articles (length open), interviews and curatorial projects (12-20 images with introductory text).

Please circulate this call for papers to all you know who may be interested. Send proposals to Claire Roberts

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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