Noh Performance in Seattle: Tomoe and Yoshinaka


‘The Beauty of Noh’ will, for the first time, present a double-bill performance featuring Noh, the traditional dance-drama of Japan, alongside a modern Noh-inspired opera based on the same story.

The Noh opera ‘Tomoe’, based on the ‘Tales of the Heike’, is a love story about a woman, the famous 12th-century samurai warrior Tomoe Gozen, who is not allowed to die on the battlefield with her master, Yoshinaka.

The traditional Noh play ‘Tomoe’ will be performed by Munenori Takeda, one of Japan’s most talented Noh masters, and the Takeda Noh Troupe. The Fisher Ensemble and Munenori Takeda will then perform ‘YOSHINAKA’, a modern opera based on the story of ‘Tomoe’ written by Seattle-based composer Garrett Fisher.

The Beauty of NOH “Tomoe and Yoshinaka”
September 26th (FRI) 7pm
September 27th (SAT) 2pm&7pm
September 28th (SUN) 2pm

ACT Theatre in Seattle
700 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101

Main Cast:
Munenori Takeda (NOH Actor)
Garrett Fisher (Fisher Ensemble)

Ticket Price: $35

English supertitles provided at the ACT Theatre performances

Noh Workshop on Sept. 29-30 (opens as pdf)

English website:
Buy tickets here

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