Job Opening: Native English Teachers (NETs), Osaka Prefectural Government

job opening - 5Via the JETWit Jobs mailing list.

Institution: Osaka Prefectural Board of Education
Location: Osaka, Japan
Deadline: Feb. 20, 2014
Term: April 2014- March 2015
Education: Bachelors
Other: must be living in or near Osaka pref. and have Education visa

We are currently accepting applications for Native English Teachers (NETs) for a post in
an Osaka Prefectural High School.

RECRUITMENT: Open to all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications.

POSTED ON: Friday, February 14th, 2014.
APPLICATION SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5pm on Thursday, February 20th , 2014.

SALARY: 303,000 yen per month, before income taxes, local residence taxes, and social
insurance deductions. Travel expenses are covered, in addition to the monthly salary.

DURATION OF EMPLOYMENT: From April 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015.
A NET’s contract may be renewed if they are acknowledged to still be suitable for the
post, by the Board.

WORKING HOURS: 33 hours and 50 minutes a week, excluding breaks, with a limit of
up to 7 hours per day.

1. Applicants must be from a country where English is spoken as the first language, and
whose residence is in Osaka prefecture or its vicinities.
2. Applicants must have graduated from a university or college, in a country where
English is spoken as the first language, or have the same ability.
3. Applicants must have or will have a relevant ‘EDUCATION’ visa, which falls within
the status of residence set out in the Immigration-Control and Refugee Recognition Act
(Act No. 319, 1951), or must be legally able to perform the activities herein.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Applicants must submit the following documentation:
1. Resume with a recent passport photo (a standard resume / CV will suffice)
2. An up-to-date reference letter(in either Japanese or English)
3. A photocopy of transcript or certificate of university or college diploma(take original
with your interview day)
4. A passport photocopy (main photo page and page including a valid Japanese visa)
5. A photocopy of resident card(front and back side)
Due to the supporting documentation required, the Board is NOT accepting online
applications for this position. Applicants must, by registered mail, submit the required documentation via postal mail to: NET Employment, Senior High School Division,
Osaka Prefecture Board of Education, Otemae 2 chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 540-8570.
INTERVIEW DATES: Monday, 3rd Tuesday 4th Thursday 6th and
Friday 7th, March, 2014.
INTERVIEW PLACE: Meeting Room on North Annex of Osaka prefectual Government
New Annex Building
2 Chome Otemae, Chuo Ward, Osaka City.
(Exact interview time and place will be disclosed at a later date.)

SELECTION PROCESS: Once your required documentation has been reviewed and
accepted, suitable applicants will receive notification for an interview date and time
(interviews last approximately 20 minutes). In the interview, the BOE will evaluate
how positive an applicant can be in fostering students’ practical communication abilities,
and in improving students’ international understanding, as well as in building a good
relationship with Japanese teachers of English and in communicating with Japanese

SELECTION RESULTS: The Board will send, by postal mail, all applicants a
notification regarding their application result by Friday, March 14th, 2014.

Full details on Osaka prefectural website (pdf).

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