Resources: Journals on Japanese and Asian Studies

Hail, dear readers! You have not been forgotten. I apologize for the lack of substantial main articles and resource posts in the last couple months, but your main editor here is currently slogging through preliminary exam preparations and other such time-consuming things. Plus! Several articles for the 5-10-20 project are in the works, so you have those to look forward to soon!

call for papers [150-2]In the meanwhile, today, we have new resources to add to the blog: a list of academic journals on Japanese and Asian Studies. During my preparation for candidacy, it came to my attention just how many academic journals there are out there on Japan and East Asia in general. Having to track down some sometimes obscure works in English-language journals made me wonder whether or not there was a definitive list somewhere that those of us in academia or with any other interest in scholarship could consult if we’re looking for information on a particular topic or just browsing recent research in the field. After asking around, I was directed to a journal list on the Bibliography of Asian Studies page maintained by the Association of Asian Studies that has a “fast-track journals list” for the most important journals in the field on Asian topics. However, I knew that I’d come across a number of other works besides those listed by AAS, so I kept digging.

I used this list as a springboard and then went about mining the internet for as much as I could find on other older, newer, and perhaps more uncommon journals, and did my best to make a comprehensive list (with links to webpages where possible) of journals related to Japan or Asia/East Asia at large. Some things are paper-only, some digital-only, and some a mix, but hey, at least you’ve got somewhere to start! By all means, please help me add to this list in the comments if you can think of any other Japan or Asia-specific titles. I’m especially unversed in my disciplinary-specific journals. So please drop us a line with additions in the comments of via email!

English Language Journals

Japan journals:

Asia/East Asia journals:

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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