Job Opening: Japanese-Speaking Biology Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin – Madison

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For our Japanese-speaking science majors:

Institution: University of Wisconsin – Madison
Location: Madison, WI
Application Due: 01/24/2014
Type: Full Time
Education: BS or higher in biology-related fields, Japanese speaker

Position Vacancy Listing: PVL # 78600


Degree and area of specialization:
BS in Botany, Biology, Microbiology, or related field. Advanced degree preferred.


Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:
At least one year experience with fluorescent signal from transgenic plants. Prior experience with the statistical software, Hamamatsu photonics (Japan). Ability to communicate in Japanese, both oral and written.

Principal duties:
This position will support the JST/PRESTO funded project on the “reaction of essential technologies to utilize carbon dioxide as a resource through the enhancement of plant productivity and the exploitation of plant products” project.

Primary duties are:

(1) Collect calcium-imaging (GFP signal) data from Arabidopsis transgenic plants using a low resolution microscope system equipped with a high sensitive CMOS camera. 50%
(2) Analyze the resulting data using image-analysis software written in Japanese (Hamamatsu photonics, Japan). 30%
(3) Plant, water, and harvest seeds of the Arabidopsis transgenic plants. 10%
(4) Maintain lab equipment, order supplies, and other miscellaneous duties as required. 10%

Additional Information:

This position may be extended or become renewable if sufficient funding is available.

See full listing on

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