Job Opening: Education Abroad Coordinator, Ferris State University

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Institution: Ferris State University
Location: Big Rapids, MI
Posting Date: 11-08-2013
Intitial Application Review Date: 11-25-2013
Education: MA (conferred by Aug 2014)

Summary of Position: The Education Abroad Coordinator will educate the campus community about international education programs through social media and internationalization efforts. The Education Abroad Coordinator will also advise students on semester-long study abroad and international internship opportunities, expand current portfolio of opportunities for students, and provide theoretical foundations for the development of a minor in International Education.


  • Required Education: Master’s degree in International Education or related field or at least two semesters of coursework completed in a Master’s Program in International Education or a related field with degree conferred by August 2014. One year of foreign language study.
  • Part-time/Full-time: Full-time
  • Required Work Experience: Experience studying or working abroad.

Preferred Qualifications: Demonstrate effective and courteous intercultural communication skills and communicate well both orally and in writing to a diverse faculty, staff, students, and community.

  • Manage complex international development initiatives.
  • Proficient in a second language.
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, database management, social media, and website management.
  • Knowledgeable of education abroad development and implementation.
  • Background working in a higher education setting and/or International travel.
  • Experience planning and organizing education abroad programs.

Duties: Essential/Marginal:
1. Through the use of social media the coordinator will market international education programs to the campus and community.

a. Coordinate a variety of social media platforms for awareness of international opportunities
b. Develop and manage a calendar for social media branding and brand identity
c. Research current trends in social media branding and brand identity
d. Increase following on social media platforms
e. Create social media campaigns and enhance current social promotions

2. Develop and expand international programming with current and new global partners

3. Design and deliver with FSU faculty, staff, and outside organizations education abroad programs and international events, which include:

a. meet with appropriate stakeholders to direct and provide planning and budgeting
b. negotiate agreements for international’s partners
c. coordinate wth other FSU departments for all facility arrangements
d. manage and monitor program budgets
e. conduct program evaluations

4. Research opportunities for internships and Education Abroad that best align with Ferris State University students and foster relationships abroad to support these internships.
5. Design, develop, and implement contracts for program develoment of a new study abroad model.
6. Facilitate semester-long education abroad programs, including these tasks:

a. meet and advise prospective students
b. Host pre-departure orientations
c. Review budgets and plans
d. Oversee program logistics
e. Maintain communication with Education Abroad students traveling overseas
f. Serve as an emergency contact when students are abroad
g. Conduct evaluations from both students and faculty
h. Provide support for student re-entry

7. Provide logistical support for program development and internationalization projects.

a. Development of comprehensive international education programs
b. Work with faculty and staff to determine logistics
c. Prepare databases to manage multiple developments at once
d. Conduct program evaluations from both students and faculty
e. Prepare and manage budgets

8. Assist department with the theoretical foundations for development of a minor in International Education
9. Provide additional logistical support for OIE activities including scheduling, travel arrangements, marketing, and student orientations.

Full details on Ferris State’s job posting (Posting Number: 0001240).

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