Job Opening: Asian Studies Curator, Rice University

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Institution: Rice University
Location: Houston, TX
Posted: 09/18/2013
Type: Full Time
Department: Fondren Library
Education: MA required, PhD preferred
Languages: Chinese with Japanese or Korean

Position Summary
The Asian Studies Curator strengthens the collection development process in Fondren Library by acting as bibliographer for Asian-language materials in the humanities and (to a lesser degree) the social sciences. This individual will be extensively engaged in communicating with faculty and administrative staff, collecting information regarding curricular and research developments with potential library impact, while sharing information about library resources and services.

Education Required
Master’s Degree

Experience Required
2 years

Other Skills Required

  • Demonstrated ability to work well with faculty, staff, students, and administrators.
  • Demonstrated ability to work both independently and with teams.
  • Excellent command of modern and classical Chinese language, as well as excellent spoken and written English.
  • Knowledge of Japanese and/or Korean.
  • Proficiency in Pinyin and Wade-Giles Romanization systems.
  • Knowledge of Chinese publishing and book trade.
  • Knowledge of current research trends and methods in Asian Studies.
  • Proficiency with standard word processing and web page CMS interfaces.
  • Familiarity with the arrangement and description of digital collections materials, standards of bibliographic control and preservation, and practices in an academic library, including reference, instruction and collection development.

Education Preferred
Second advanced degree in relevant humanities or social sciences discipline or hours toward PhD.

Experience Preferred
Three years or more of experience in similar position.

Other Skills Preferred
Desire to plan and to strategize building an Asian Collection.

Job Duties

  • Manage a library collection including: selection, evaluation, appraisal, purchase, retention, and organization of teaching and research level library materials in a variety of formats. Discuss, consult, and advise academic faculty on the selection, acquisition, and retention of library materials.
  • Provide reference and user education services to students, faculty and the public. Instruct and assist patrons individually and in small groups in the use of print and electronic resources. Direct users to sources of relevant materials located elsewhere on or off campus, including using the Internet, databases, and other resources to find the best possible source of information. Find opportunities to promote information services to campus and community groups.
  • Assist with user education and instruction by planning, publicizing and carrying out library orientations. Prepare written and digital guides and bibliographies when needed. Work with faculty on providing specific user education to classes by creating instruction on research tools specific to the course.
  • Support development of digital services and publications by adding resources to digital library and providing additional detail and information about resources, especially in support of faculty research or teaching interests.
  • Evaluate and provide recommended new or revised polices and services for the collection development and reference departments
  • Participate in professional activities.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as required.

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