Job Opening: English Page Editor, Shukan New York Seikatsu Press [part-time]

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Position: SNYS English Page Editor
Posted by: New York Seikatsu Press
Type: part-time
Location: New York, NY
Posted Aug. 5, 2013

New York Seikatsu Press is looking for an English page editor. The Shukan NY Seikatsu (週刊NY生活) paper has broad readership in the United States and Japan. This position is ideal for someone interested in journalism, editing, and Japanese-English translation. The applicant must be able to commute into New York City once per week.

* Prior professional translation and journalism experience is recommended, but not required.

a) There is some monetary recompense from SNYS (about $50/week).
b) The position fits well into any resume, and Ryoichi Miura (CEO and Editor-in-Chief) is a great professional reference.
c) Great experiences! You meet and learn about interesting people while doing a service to the bilingual community.
d) The job is also an excellent means to learn more about the Japanese community in New York!

Responsibilities (all once per week)
1. The SNYS English editor revises article J->E translations for quality, edits the article to meet American journalistic writing, and proofreads using the New York Times’ style guide (a copy is on-site).
2. Coordinating with, and hiring, columnists as needed.
3. Managing the English page’s weekly social media (at present, only Twitter).

About the Current Editor:
I started working as a Japanese-English translator in New York in 2010 after obtaining a MA in Japanese at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I started working for SNYS in March of 2011. I’ve truly enjoyed my time as an editor here – I’ve had the chance to hone my editing and translation QA skills, write features and columns, interview interesting people, and learn about great deals all over the city. I encourage you to apply!

To Apply:
Please email a resume and short career statement (no more than 1 paragraph please) to shukannyseikatsu [at] gmail [dot] com.

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