Funding: Semester at Sea Programs

money [150-2]Undergraduates may be interested in the Semester at Sea program:

The Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE) is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Charlottesville, Virginia that administers the Semester at Sea study abroad program in conjunction with the University of Virginia as well as Enrichment Voyages, a Lifelong Learning Program, and the Forum on Global Engagement. The mission of ISE is to educate individuals with the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world. Since 1963, more than 55,000 individuals from 1,700 institutions, have traveled to more than 60 countries on Semester at Sea and its predecessor programs.

The program includes destinations in Japan, and information on their field programs, courses, and field labs can be found on their website here:

Notably, there are many funding opportunities for those interested in the program, especially through college and alumni scholarships. Check them out at:

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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