Job Opening: Japanese Teaching Material Development, Innovative Language Learning [part-time] [Tokyo]

job opening - 5Thank you to Peyton at for sending us this job description!

Company: Innovative Language Learning
Location: Akasaka, Tokyo
Type: part-time
Posting Received July 11, 2013
Education: not listed
Deadline: not listed

Innovative Language Learning, the maker of and a number of other language-learning sites and resources, is seeking someone with a background in Japanese studies and linguistics to help develop language-learning audio and video materials for web and mobile platforms.

Join our team of talented teachers who are dedicated to spreading Japanese knowledge and fluency abroad.

Duties include SOME or ALL of the following:

  • Proofreading and copy-editing language-teaching materials
  • Confirming various aspects of grammar, language, and culture
  • Authoring content to be used in audio recordings or to be published as text
  • Performing simple translations from Japanese to English.
  • Checking content and scripts and preparing them for recording
  • Recording teaching materials for dissemination as audio files over the web and other platforms
  • Hosting video lessons for dissemination as video files over the web and other platforms

We have a talented and fun team — members of which are both in Tokyo and abroad — that’s excited about teaching languages. If you’re interested in and qualify for some or all the above duties, you are encouraged to apply.

Please understand that we receive many applications and cannot reply to all queries. All job applications and queries WILL receive a reply, however, IF you send us your resume AND mention you found us on this blog.

This is a part-time position, but can lead to more work/work with an expanded scope later on.

This position is located in Akasaka, Tokyo. If you’re interested, please email

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