Resource: Tools for Banking, Finance, and Law

Lately we’ve been fortunate to have a number of guest writers contributing articles related to translation and non-academic careers that use Japanese (and we have more to come in the near future!), but we’ve been a bit lax on updating our resources. As I was going through my massive “save this, people could use it!” folder, I came across a fairly old link that a lot of people looking for information on business and banking with Japanese companies will find interesting.

The Mizuho Securities company, a Japanese investment and banking firm, has a plethora of informational resources for English-speakers. If you go from their homepage to Corporate and Institutional Clients, then click on Research & Links (or, you know, just click the hyperlinks I gave you), you’ll find a large list of English-language subheadings full of internet resources and learning tools.


For example, if you want to check out more about Japan’s government organs, you can click on Government Ministries & Agencies, where you’ll find a list of the English language websites for each organization like the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry or the Ministry of Justice. There’s also links to specific agencies of interest, like the Japanese Mint or Patent Office, or financial and economic councils.

Their section on Translating Tools is noteworthy for economically-minded learners of Japanese, people entering finance/banking positions, or people working on translation related to this field. Here you’ll find a long list of PDF files that include direct translations of commonly used business and banking terms. So if for some strange reason you ever found yourself needing to know the word “discount of bills with government bonds as collateral,” you’d discover it in “Japanese Government Bonds” vocabulary file, and know that it’s 国債担保手形割引 (kokusai tanpo tegata waribiki)! A lot of these are very specialized vocabulary sets—I really have no idea what a “yield curve analysis” is, nor to I expect to ever need to consult a huge list of terms related to it—but some of the PDFs are more basic, everyday things like words related to taxation and pensions, which I imagine would also be useful to people who plan on spending a significant amount of time living in Japan.

Also, for those of you interested in the legal system, there is also a section on Japanese Law that provides links to English translations of finance related legislation and English translations of other legislation, both of which list specific laws and tap into J/E texts within the Japanese Law Translation Database system. So this is a great resource for people with overlapping interests in finance and the law, too.

Know of any other, similar resources? What do you guys use? Let us know via email or in the comments!

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