Job Opening: International Fundraising Development Manager, Oxfam [UK]

job opening - 5Title: International Fundraising Development Manager Location: Oxford, UK Education: no requirement Deadline: 1 July 2013

About Oxfam A simple, inescapable truth underlines everything we do at Oxfam. There’s enough wealth in this world to go around. It’s not unfortunate that people live in poverty. It’s unjustifiable. And it’s not just their problem. It’s ours too. At Oxfam we believe that with the right support, we can beat poverty and injustice. Thousands of people already commit their time and talents to our campaigning, humanitarian and long-term development projects. Now we’re looking for yours. Context Oxfam International has set up an Income Growth Group (IGG) to oversee a step-change in its international fundraising growth. A fundraising strategy has now been approved by the Executive Directors in the affiliates that make up the Oxfam Confederation. As the largest affiliate within the Oxfam Confederation, Oxfam GB is committed to international fundraising growth, with a particular focus on individual and other private sector giving. It has set aside a strategic investment fund to invest in new markets and to support income growth in smaller affiliates with high growth potential. The initial focus will be in Asian markets. One new market entry for the South Korean market has been approved by Oxfam GB, and there are two high potential affiliates (most likely India and Japan) to be supported. Job Description Purpose: To oversee international fundraising initiatives (focused on individual and other private sector giving) utilising the strategic investment fund set up by Oxfam GB Reporting: Reports to Head of Relationship Marketing (who also Co-chairs the Oxfam International Marketing & Fundraising Leadership Group and is a member of the Oxfam International Income Growth Group) Budget responsibility:

  • The Oxfam GB strategic investment fund is a revolving fund worth £5m
  • The role is business development /consulting so the directly managed budgets are small

Key responsibilities:

  • New markets
    • Development entry strategies for new fundraising markets
    • Co-ordinate the set-up of operations in new fundraising markets and working with Country Managers when these positions have been appointed.
    • Monitor the performance of new fundraising markets versus the agreed business plans, and provide consulting advice to the local teams to respond to new opportunities and challenges.
  • High potential Oxfam affiliates
    • In selected affiliates, work with senior management teams and /or consultants on market reviews to identify new or underdeveloped fundraising opportunities.
    • Provides hands-on support and advice to fundraising teams on their fundraising activities. Transfer knowledge and skills to build fundraising capabilities.
    • Monitor the performance of investments made and provide advice where changes need to be made to plans.
  • Other responsibilities
    • Market scanning to identify emerging trends and fundraising opportunities (especially those that can be scaled and /or replicated in other markets).
    • Contribute to Confederation-wide Income Growth Group (IGG) projects as needed (e.g. developing Face to Face best practice work).

Skills and competences Essential

  • Proven track record in individual giving fundraising
  • Highly commercial with experience of developing business plans for new products or market entry
  • Well tuned consulting skills : ability to listen and communicate well. Experience of managing senior stakeholders. Strong negotiating skills
  • Experience of developing people and/or of training
  • Structured and organised. Able to cut through complexity. Strong problem solver


  • Experience of other private sector fundraising such as corporates, foundations, major giving and events
  • Current market knowledge of fundraising in Asia
  • Experience of setting up new businesses
  • Attitudinally
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing priorities and needs
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Can do : takes the initiative
  • Ability and willingness to undertake long-haul travel is an essential requirement of this job.

Closing date for applications: Monday 1st July 2013. See original posting on for details and to apply.

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