Internship Opportunity: Tofugu

job opening - 5Company: Tofugu
Location: Portland, OR
Education: not listed
Type: unpaid
Deadline: May 31, 2013

It is that time of the year again…An internship opportunity is available at Tofugu.

Tofugu is a start-up for Japanese culture and language web applications

The company is comprised of individuals who are passionate about the Japanese language and culture. Started out as a university project, it has grown into a self-sustaining company with four full-time employees and a team of part-timers.

 View a list of some of our products

We are looking for one or more passionate individuals to join us as interns at our office located in the beautiful rose city, Portland, Oregon USA.

Depending on your skillset, you’ll be learning how to…

  • Write articles for a blog with millions of page views per month
  • Create, direct, and edit video for Tofugu YouTube & TofuguTV
  • Research, conduct interviews, and gather information
  • Write lessons for Japanese learners with our products
  • Work on a personal project dependent on your interests with the guidance of members of the Tofugu team
  • Apply and learn about skills within the realm of programming, design, writing, research, and more. If we’re able to mentor it, we’re open to you doing it
  • Make us tea (Just kidding…)

We aren’t looking for specific skills, years of experience, type of education, etcetera. Being a student and passionate about Japan with a skillset or strong desire to learn about any of the following will help…

  • Knowledge of the Japanese language
  • Command of the written English language
  • Web developing knowledge (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, etcetera)
  • Video and sound editing
  • Mac OS X
  • At least 1v1 Platinum rank in Starcraft 2 North American server (only kind of kidding)

Please note that this is an unpaid internship and you must be located in the Portland or the surrounding area during the summer.

You’ll be learning under the supervision of the Tofugu staff, who will provide projects, mentorship, and guidance during the approximately 3-month internship period.

Why should you spend your summer working with us?

  • Gain insight into running a self-sustaining start-up
  • Have your work viewed and utilized by hundreds of thousands of your global peers
  • Collaborative and engaging work environment
  • Possible opportunity to continue working with us after the summer.
  • Educational opportunity that will help to prepare you for that scary “real world” thing
  • Chance of stealing Tofugu’s prized possession, Koichi’s panda hat

And we offer a few perks…

  • Breakfast and lunch are provided; Enjoy with us Portland’s thriving food and beer scene
  • Office stocked with snacks, soda, tea, and beer (only if you are of legal age)
  • Flexible working hours (20-30 hours per week, you choose your hours)
  • Use public transportation? Monthly Trimet passes are on us.
  • Free lifetime memberships to TextFugu, WaniKani, and the upcoming Project Kuma
  • $500/month lodging and tuition assistance stipend
The team you’ll be learning from: Viet the Engineer, Koichi the Overmind, & Hashi the Editor-in-Chief

Interested? Submit your application to

Include your résumé and a minimum 1,000 word blog-style article on an interesting subject that is related to Japan or the Japanese language. On top of this, include something that impresses us. Show your creativity and ability to do something great without anyone’s guidance, but your own.

Those of you who blow our socks off will be contacted about meeting up for an interview.

Please send your application in by May 31, 2013. Talk to you soon!

See original post on Tofugu.

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