PhotoVoice Exhibit 2013 at the University of Michigan

Via the University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies alumni mailing list. More about the project on Michigan Today.

PhotoVoice Exhibit 2013 | April 9 – May 8

Tuesday, April 9 ~ 3:00 to 4:30PM at II Gallery, 1F, School of Social Work Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

The PhotoVoice Exhibit
Japanese Women Talk about the Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Disasters of March 2011

After the Great East Japan Disasters in March 2011, women in the disaster-affected areas of northern Japan joined an ongoing project called PhotoVoice. These women, diverse in age and other socio-demographic characteristics, took photographs of their lives and communities and discussed them in a small group since June 2011. Participants questioned and identified limitations and failures of the current disaster response policies and practices, as well as those concerning nuclear energy.

This special exhibit presents the photographs taken by women from the prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate, along with their “voices” that accompany the photographs (translated into English).

The overall goal of this PhotoVoice project is to strengthen the disaster response policies and practices in Japan (and beyond) by engaging the very women affected by the disasters in the analyses of societal conditions and collective efforts to address them.

The PhotoVoice Exhibit will be open from April 9th to May 8th @ II Gallery, 1F, SSWB.

Opening Reception – April 9th, 3:00 to 4:30PM (Light food and refreshments)
Professor Mieko Yoshihama, who is conducting the ongoing PhotoVoice project, will be in attendance to publicly present the opening of the 2013 PhotoVoice Exhibit at the International Institute. Language Lecturer Yoshihiro Mochizuki and students from the U-M Japanese Language Program will also share their experiences in helping to translate the original voices into English.

Join us in experiencing visual messages from disaster-affected women in Japan, about their struggles of surviving the disasters and their visions for the future.

Event co-sponsored by the U-M Center for Japanese Studies and School of Social Work.

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