Fun Link Friday: Amezaiku Candy Sculpting

Today’s fun link is a video featuring the craft of amezaikuor candy-sculpting, featured on Iromegane as part of the blog’s feature on shokunin, craftspeople.

Photo via Iromegane.

Juji Kurihara writes,

Today’s Shokunin (職人/ maestro) is a candy craftsman. 飴細工 (Amezaiku / candy sculpting) came to Japan in Heian period (平安時代/794-1192), precisely in 796 when Tou-ji (東寺) was built in Kyoto, Chinese candy craftsmen came and made a candy sculpting as a gift. These craftsmen stayed in Japan and started selling candies. In Edo period (江戸時代/1603-1868) this technique spread to Tokyo (Edo).

In the 10-minute video by Rachel and Jun of MyHusbandisJapanese, a shokunin sculpts a phoenix, a panda, a calico cat, and octopus from starch syrup using his hands and scissors.

Good enough to eat–or too good to eat?

[Via Japanese Art, History and Culture on LinkedIn]

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