Kodo Performance: One Earth Tour 2013: Legend [US] [Japan]

Via the Pacific Northwest JET Alumni Association:

Image by One Earth Tour.

Image by One Earth Tour.

US Tour: February – March 2013
Japan Tour: May – June 2013

The world is a kaleidoscope of people and cultures. In this age of exploding populations and lightening-fast communication, it is more important than ever that diverse cultures learn to recognize and accept each other so that all may share our increasingly shrinking planet in harmony. Since ancient times the taiko has been a symbol of community, serving as a link among people, as well as a link between people and the heavens. Through the ‘One Earth Tour,’ Kodo will continue to bring the sound of the Japanese drum to the ears of the world, and with the taiko’s unique ability to transcend the barriers of language and custom, remind us all of our membership in that larger community– the world.

Full details on venues and ticket sales here.

US Tour

1 Las Vegas, NV
3 Berkeley, CA
5 Los Angeles, CA
7 Davis, CA
9 Seattle, WA
10 Seattle, WA
13 Chicago, IL
15 Ann Arbor, MI
17 Minneapolis, MN
19 Des Moines, IA
21 Milwaukee, WI
23 Greenville, SC
25 Chapel Hill, NC
28 Gainesville, FL


2 Clearwater, FL
7 Fort Pierce, FL
8 Boca Raton, FL
9 Miami, FL
11 Naples, FL
14 Columbus, OH
16 Washington, DC
18 Morgantown, WV
20 Easton, PA
22 Princeton, NJ
24 Newark, NJ
25 Philadelphia, PA
27 Storrs, CT
29 Schenectady, NY

Japan Tour

8 Toride, Ibaraki
10 Mishima, Shizuoka
12 Toyokawa, Aichi
16 Matsumoto, Nagano
18 Kyoto City
19 Takatsuki, Osaka
23 Toyama City
25 Shibata, Niigata
26 Minami-uonuma, Niigata
28 Yokosuka, Kanagawa
29 Sagamihara, Kanagawa


2 Saitama City
6 Taito Ward, Tokyo
7 Taito Ward, Tokyo
8 Taito Ward, Tokyo
9 Taito Ward, Tokyo

Website (English)

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