Taiko Classes in Ann Arbor and Novi, MI

From the Center for Japanese Studies Alumni Mailing List:

Learn Authentic Taiko Drumming on Real Japanese Taiko Drums

The Great Lakes Taiko Center will continue to offer Japanese Taiko Drumming classes on Wednesday afternoons and evenings at the Rudolf Steiner High School (2230 Pontiac Trail) in Ann Arbor. [The Center also offers classes in Novi. See website for details on both.]

Taiko is an exciting art form, which incorporates aspects of music, dance, martial arts, and Japanese language and culture, of course. If you have seen it performed, it is very impressive, but until you give it a try, you may not realize how surprisingly accessible it actually is. The Taiko Center is entering its fourth year of offering classes and over the past three years we have had students as young as two and as old as 70 and older! Most of our students do not consider themselves musicians and many cannot read music, yet they are still able to find success and enjoy learning and playing taiko together.

For more information, please contact Brian Sole at raion[DOT]taiko[AT]gmail[DOT]com or 248-773-8899.

Website: http://www.michigantaiko.net/

Sticks are $8

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