Fun Link Friday: Halloween at Baskin Robbins, Japan

Documenting of the evolution of Halloween in Japan is one of my favorite visual anthropology side projects. Unfortunately, I don’t live as close to a Baskin Robbins, one of the original Halloween taste-makers, as I did in my study-abroad days, but Kay at RocketNews24 wrote an article about this year’s BR Halloween line up with plenty of photos: “Sweet Heavens! Baskin Robins All Set to Get Japan Into the Halloween Spirit.”

With Halloween quickly approaching, we hope those of you with plans to go trick or treating have been inspired by some good costume ideas! Although Halloween in Japan is not as major an event as it is in the U.S., more and more people have begun to “celebrate” it in recent years, albeit mainly in the form of pumpkin shaped cookies or Halloween-themed decorations in shops. Baskin Robins Japan is no exception, and the ice cream chain is ready to offer their customers a little Halloween flavor, quite literally!

I’m personally fond of the Pumpkin Pudding ice cream and might have to trek out to BR this weekend. What are your experiences with Halloween goods and celebrations in Japan?

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