Ninth Annual JAT Contest for New and Aspiring Japanese/English Translators

Seeking to encourage talented people to enter the translation field, Japan Association of Translators (JAT) is pleased to announce its ninth annual Japanese/English translation contest for new and aspiring translators. The actual passage to be translated is a real-life text—the sort of thing a working commercial translator might well be called upon to do.

Open to: Anyone with less than three years’ experience as a professional translator
JAT membership not required Previous entrants (except winners) are welcome to enter again
Entry fee: Free

Initial screening: George Bourdaniotis, Nora Stevens Heath, Ko Iwata
Final review: Ken Wagner, James Davis, Ruth McCreery

Initial screening: Takaaki Aono, Mayumi Adachi, Yukihiro Sato
Final review: Yukari Ishihara, Kiyoshi Chimasu, Kiyoshi Fujimura

All Finalists: One-year complimentary JAT membership + Feedback from the judges

2nd Place: One-year complimentary JAT membership + Feedback from the judges + free registration for the 24rd International Japanese/English Translation Conference (IJET-24) to be held on June 1-2, 2013, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1st Place: One-year complimentary JAT membership + Feedback from the judges + free registration for IJET-24 + transportation to and from IJET-24 + free accommodations during IJET-24 Organized and funded by: NPO Japan Association of Translators (JAT)

Contest Schedule:  
2012 October 8 (Mon.): Source text and Contest Guidelines available for download
2012 November 12(Mon.): Deadline for accepting first 50 entries for each division (24:00 JST)
2012 Late December: Five finalists announced on the JAT website
2013 Early February: First- and second-place winners announced on the JAT website and by direct e-mail to the winners
2013 June 1-2: Winners invited to IJET-24 in Hawaii and award-giving ceremony

Due to overwhelming number of applicants, only the first 50 entries will be accepted for each division, so get your translation in early!

All entries will be reviewed and judged by experienced professional translators.

All decisions are final. All entries become the property of JAT.

For further information, please check the JAT website after October 8 or contact the contest committee at

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