Fun Link Friday: “A Fabulous Experience” Rotary Youth Exchange

This week’s fun link is about Rotary International Youth Exchange. This year, they are celebrating 50 years of the program in Japan which began with exchanges to Australia.

Watch a short video on vimeo as Yoko Sekimoto recalls her “fabulous experience” with Youth Exchange in 1962, when she became the first Japanese student to participate in Rotary Youth Exchange.

In celebration of New Generations Month, on September 12th, past participants shared a positive Rotary Youth Exchange memory or benefit to participating in an exchange on social media. On Twitter, check out #YEXmoment.

It’s an interesting way to reflect on student exchange, especially for me because I was a Rotary exchange student to Japan from 2002-03 in Kameoka, Kyoto. My family has been involved with Rotary for many years. My home club and host club were both wonderful groups of people, who kindly supported me. Before leaving for my exchange, I met a Japanese woman who had come to my hometown in Pennsylvania on a Rotary exchange in high school.  This was back when it took a month by ship. She was visiting old friends and knew some of my grandparents’ generation, too. I remember being impressed that their friendship had endured over the decades. When I was in Japan, she invited me to her home in Yokohama and helped with negotiating the trip with my host club. I had my first Tokyo experience thanks to her!

If you missed Youth Exchange social media day, I invite you to post in the comments about your positive experience with Rotary!

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4 Responses to Fun Link Friday: “A Fabulous Experience” Rotary Youth Exchange

  1. Great entry! Would you mind if I reblogged to share on SchooledAbroad, in case anyone is interested in Rotary Youth Exchange?

  2. Reblogged this on Schooled Abroad and commented:
    As usual, another great post from “What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies,” aka: Shinpai Deshou.

    If anyone is interested in the Rotary International Youth Exchange, please take a look. 🙂

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