Fun Link Friday: “Origami Heaven” Event

I feel a little bad to talk about an event that has already passed. However, I stumbled upon it from TokyoTako’s blog post on “Origami Heaven” an event that happened earlier this month. What was truly awe inspiring to me, when glancing at the pictures taken from the event were the 1000 cranes sculpture. Check it out!

Outside of individual groups like the one at MIT we previously mentioned, who knew that origami was so popular in the states? From TokyoTako’s post, I discovered OrigamiUSA, a national society devoted to the art of paper folding. They appear to be an incredibly active society in the NY area. Check it out the two sites and become inspired by origami!

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1 Response to Fun Link Friday: “Origami Heaven” Event

  1. Allie says:

    I know you posted this a looooong time ago but thank you so much for linking my blog!! 🙂

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