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Working in translation is a dream for many people who study Japanese, and already we’ve been lucky enough to feature an article on what it’s like to explore translation as a profession. Today we’re featuring a couple of links kindly sent in some time ago by a reader who wanted to be sure we had information on some of the resources available to people interested in the translation field. Since I myself am not a translator or entirely familiar with all the services offered, I’ll briefly outline the contents of the sites below and encourage you to do more research into them individually based on your own interests!

American Translation Association: The Japanese Language Division

The American Translation Association is an important organization with which to consider membership. The ATA has a plethora of information on the translation business, including guides to certification (an essential part of working as a translator!), conferences and seminars on translation and professional development, and even a directory of translation and interpretation services and language service companies that can help you if you or your business have translation needs. There are a lot of useful directories throughout the site for general translation career interests worth exploring.

The Japanese Language Division in particular provides information on its annual conference and current news and events, but more importantly is a gateway into a larger community of translators. Under the resources tab you’ll find links to the online JLD community. Although their blog does not appear to be active any longer, you can find past JDL info in the blog archives and those of their newsletter, the JLD Times. In addition, you’ll find links to two different mailing lists (the JLD and honyaku lists) which appear to be quite active and dynamic sources of information. Tapping the resources of online communities of people in the field is an essential method of gathering information on your professional and personal interests.

Japan Association of Translators

The Japan Association of Translators is another member-based organization meant to bring together and exchange information between individual translators of Japanese. Based out of Tokyo, JAT hosts numerous gatherings on translation, including the International Japanese English Translation Conference  (IJET), the PROfessional Japanese-English Conference on Translation (PROJECT), and regular meetings, presentations, and events on individualized subjects (see their events page to get an idea of how frequently such events are held all over Japan!). Their site provides information on what one should look for in a translator, as well as a searchable directory of translators and interpreters. One of the most useful sections of their site is definitely the resources section, which although still under construction in some sections, features articles on translation by professionals in the business, a collection of links to translation organizations, useful sites for translation work, and a link to their mailing list.

Hope this brief introduction to two very useful translation sites has been helpful! Have any other sites you think we should feature? Let us know by emailing us at!

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