Fun Link Friday: World Map Quiz… in Japanese!

Ready for a slightly more challenging game than last week’s country quizzes? With all the educational mobile apps and online games these days, you may find yourself knowing more about maps now than you ever knew in eighth grade geography class. But are your skills fast enough to take a geography quiz in Japanese? This World Map flash game is one of many flash games available for free online on Game Design‘s multilingual site. While many of their games are textless, relying on matching and math, World Map can be used to help you drill country names in Japanese!

The game is simple. The bottom of the screen displays a country name in Japanese and all you have to do is click the country on the world map within the time limit to get a point. But testing your map and language skills simultaneously may be more challenging than it seems!

If the game is too challenging at the beginning, you can practice and test yourself on the main screen. Before clicking start the game’s world board can be used as an interactive map that displays country names when you click them.

Maybe you can already locate the Ukraine, Mauritania, Uruguay and Iceland on a world map, but why not take it a step further? Sekai Chizu is a fun tool to push yourself to practice geography while studying Japanese spelling and pronunciation of all the countries out there! Good luck!

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