Fun Link Friday: Here’s to a horrifying drive to work

A franchise that ironically refuses to die, The Ring 3D has been announced as the newest film in the Ringu (Ring) franchise, which began with the 1998 horror film based on the 1991 novel Ringu by Koji Suzuki. Since the film’s first release, there have been two sequels, Rasen (Spiral) and Ringu 2 (Ring 2) and a prequel movie, Ring 0: Baasudei (Ring 0: Birthday). And don’t forget the American adaptations The Ring and The Ring Two. I feel like I’ve seen one of more of these additional Japanese movies, but probably wiped it from my brain. As a part of the promotional campaign for The Ring 3D, a truck bearing a giant version of the iconic Sadako (the ghost from the film) crawling out of a television drove around Shibuya to make peoples’ commutes mighty uncomfortable.


I honestly can’t think of many more terrifying things than having to sit behind this truck for an hour in a traffic jam. Oh wait, sure I can—how about people all in black dressed up as TVs with Sadako popping out of them, including mobile arms with which to grab you? (Do I smell a future Halloween costume for a lot of people?)



Points for a really effective and creative campaigning team, but man am I glad I wasn’t in the Tokyo area attempting to get to work!

Originally reported from JapanProbe.

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