Study Traditional Theatre in Kyoto this summer!

Traditional Theatre Training 2012 is accepting applications for its 28th annual intensive program July 20-August 10th. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and researchers, and artists from many fields are invited; Japanese language is not necessary. Designed to overcome obstacles of time, introductions, finances, and language, T.T.T. offers daily study with masters in noh dance-drama, kyogen stylized comedy, or nihonbuyo classical dance. A three-day Orientation to Japanese performing arts conducted by T.T.T. program director Dr. Jonah Salz is followed by nightly lessons. Classes of 6-8 persons study under masterful teachers with little interpreting needed. A recital on the hundred-year old Oe Noh Theatre culminates the training. There are partial scholarships for artists and teachers, veterans and early-application specials.

Those completing applications before April 15th will receive a discount.
Please see the Kyoto Art Center homepage for further details on tuition, housing expenses, and to download application forms at

(Japanese-language homepage=

For more information please contact

Dr. Jonah Salz, T.T.T. Program director

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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