Opportunity for High-School Students: 2012 JET Memorial Invitation Program (JET MIP)

For full information and applications, go to the Japan Foundation Los Angeles’ (JFLA) page here. Exam registration (necessary to apply) deadline is Jan. 31, 2012.

For any readers who are planning to go to university to get your B.A. in Japanese Studies:

2012 JET Memorial Invitation Program (JET MIP) for U.S. High School Students

Image from Japan Foundation Los Angeles.

The 2012 JET-MIP program will provide 32 high school students with the opportunity to go to Japan for two weeks as a group to meet Japanese students, experience Japanese culture, and study the language. It was created in 2011 in memory of the two beloved American teachers of English who lost their lives in the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011: Taylor Anderson (Ishinomaki, Miyagi) and Montgomery Dickson (Rikuzen-Takata, Iwate). The program is open to 11th and 12thgraders who are currently learning Japanese, and it seeks to honor the principles which Taylor and Monty valued during their lives.

The trip is an educational visit throughout Japan including Miyagi or Iwate. It lasts 18 nights and 19 days, including pre-visit orientation and post visit wrap up in Los Angeles. A total of 14 nights and 15 days are in Japan. Its purpose is to:

Encourage American high school students to study Japanese
Encourage youth exchanges such as the JET program as an option for students
Create a network of students for the future

Download 2012 JET-MIP PDF on JFLA’s website.

To be eligible, participant must:

Be a U.S. citizen
Be learning Japanese as a foreign language
Be an 11th or 12th grade student during the 2011/2012 school year
Have completed at least two years of Japanese-language courses at a U.S. high school

Note: Students whose high school does not offer Japanese-language course and are currently taking Japanese classes at an accredited educational institution (such as at a community college) may still apply to the program. However they must be endorsed by his/her Japanese teacher.

Intend to continue Japanese-language education in future
Be a member of the Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) or have equivalent academic scores (Japanese GPA: 3.5 or higher; overall GPA: 3.0 or higher)
Have not visited Japan for more than seven consecutive days in the past three years
Be able to take part in the entire itinerary, including the pre-visit orientation, the post-visit wrap-up in Los Angeles, the group airplane trips, and the group hotel visits.
Be in good physical and mental health
Have taken the National Japanese Exam (information can be found on the NCJLT website, at http://www.ncjlt.net/).

Note: You must register for the 2012 exam by January 31, 2012.

Have the consent of a parent or guardian.

Itinerary (tentative):

July 8 through July 26, 2012

Activities: Japanese language lessons, Introductions to Japanese culture and society such as geography, kimono, taiko drums, teen slang, anime, manga, high school visits, field trips to Kyoto, Osaka and Tohoku area (Miyagi or Iwate) and a homestay in Osaka

The Japan Foundation will pay for accommodation, airfare, food, and admission fees in Japan and during orientation in Los Angeles.
Participants Requirements:

Participants will not be allowed to deviate from the arranged events and locations, nor have non-participants accompany them.
Participants are required to write an essay in Japanese within one month of the program’s conclusion.

Application Procedure:

Application forms will be available on our website (www.jflalc.org) in February. Tentative application deadline is April 13, 2012 (Friday).
NJE registration and application materials must be submitted by the applicant’s Japanese-language teacher.
Each school can only submit ONE Application.

The above information may be changed without prior notice.

For application and application procedure, see JFLA’s original post.

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