Fun Link Friday: Oshibori (hot towel) Art

It is bounenkai 忘年会 season yet again, so why not take a look at the popularity of oshibori お絞り (hot towel) art and add another “talent” to your party repertoire?

Check out Kyushu-based youtuber Bobby Judo’s how-to series on well-known oshibori art, direct from the izakaya:

1. Jellyfish:

2. Cat:

3. A chick, a penguin, and the NOVA rabbit:

For more difficulty, you could try the dancing oshibori doll from the Chikuzen tradition:

And then perform a lively souran-bushi dance:

Finally, NHK’s Sha~kin the Night (the “adult” version of the morning kids’ show “Shaki~n!” that aired at midnight), had a running stop-motion segment with oshibori art.

Cute collaboration of the “Rururu Song” about verbs and oshibori art:

Elephant and orange juice:

Happy holidays!

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