Fun Link Friday: Yuru Character Grand Prix 2011

Thanks to Super Awesome Happy Fun Time with Sean and Alice for the tip-off!

Japan is famous for its cute mascots, which represent everything from companies to blood banks to local attractions. The NTT Town Page (タウンページ協賛) is currently running a contest in which you can vote for your favorite town mascot in the Yuru Character Grand Prix 2011.

Pick your favorite prefecture on the main page using the map to see its mascots or use the drop-down menu to choose a mascot by name.

From the Yuru Character Grand Prix 2011 website.

Of course, as a resident of Ishikawa and a former Noto-ite, I encourage you to vote for Wakura Onsen’s adorable Wakutama-kun. He’s a giant onsen egg carrying more onsen eggs, and represents one of Ishikawa’s famous onsen resort towns. Don’t you just want to hug him?

Voting is available until 26 November. If you click the big orange button on your preferred mascot’s page, it will open your email client and make that mascot’s number the subject line. Or, email with the number of your favorite mascot as the subject line. You can vote once a day.


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1 Response to Fun Link Friday: Yuru Character Grand Prix 2011

  1. While Wakutama-kun IS very adorable, everyone should really go vote for Gunma-chan. Obviously 😛

    (Thanks for the link! 🙂

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