Announcement: Summer Institute for Teachers of Japanese Language in U.S.

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles, in collaboration with DePaul University will conduct a four-day Summer Institute in Arlington Heights, Illinois, during summer 2011.

Goals and Objectives:

Workshop participants will review and improve their teaching practices by revisiting basic knowledge and concepts of Japanese language pedagogy.  They will also gain firsthand knowledge of Japanese Studies, and build a network through discussion with other teachers.


The following five areas will be covered every day:

Area 1JF Standards:

Participants will become familiar with JF Standards in the context of pedagogy in the U.S., and Minna no Can-Do site, an instructional tool to set and/or align their own curriculum goals and to assist learners to self-assess.

Area 2 – Content Based Instruction and Critical Thinking:

Participants will learn how to develop courses incorporating contents so that learners can develop critical thinking skills while learning Japanese language.

Area 3Featured Topics in Japanese Studies:
Participants will gain basic knowledge of Japanese studies. Invited Japanese studies experts will lecture and discuss with participants on a different topic on each day.

Area 4Assessment:
Participants will learn how to develop evaluations based on curriculum.

Extra Area during the Institute – Network and Advocacy:
Participants will gain knowledge of skills and resources to advocate Japanese language education and their own programs in both micro and macro settings.  They will also develop a local network to support themselves.

The Institute will be conducted mainly in Japanese.


August 1 – August 4, 2011 (4 days; approximately 8-9 hours/day)


Up to 20 K-16 school teachers of Japanese language, both native and non-native speakers.

Application Eligibility:

Applicants must meet the following criteria*:

  1. K-16 teachers of Japanese language, native or non-native speakers;
  2. currently reside in theUnited States;
  3. are to resume teaching after attending this program;

*Priority is given to those who teach in Mid-West states.


Wingate Hotel
Arlington Heights, IL

Teaching Staff:

Nobuko Chikamatsu Chandler, DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Sukero Ito, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo, Japan
Maki Watanabe Isoyama, The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Daily Special Guests: Miho Matsugu (Literature), Yuki Miyamoto (Ethics), and Noriko Tomuro (Gaming & Animation) from DePaul University, and Jason Jones (Culture & Film) form University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles will bear the following expenses for those who complete the course with satisfactory attendance.

(1)   Tuition
(2)   Some parts of the fees to purchase materials.
(3)   Accommodations at a designated hotel for NON-LOCAL participants.*


  • Non-local participants are those who reside outside Chicago and its suburban areas.  Charges for accommodations will NOT be paid by the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles, if you choose to stay in a place different from the hotel that The Japan Foundation designates.
  • The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles will not pay for the charges for accommodations for those who fail to observe the participants’ obligation without any unavoidable circumstances.

Participants are responsible for

(1)   $50 registration and material fee.  The fee will be collected with the application.
(2)   Transportation to and from your home and the venue
(3)   Meals
(4)   Incidentals during the stay at the designated hotel.*
(5)   Reading materials to be used during the Institute.
(6)   An insurance policy for disease, injury, and/or theft during the program.

Participants’ Obligation (Terms and Conditions):

(1)   To understand that this program is organized for the group as a whole and that you are required to attend all the classes and complete all the assignments.
(2)   To watch your personal belongings.  The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles is not responsible for any loss(es).
(3)   To obtain reading materials to be used during the Institute.
(4)   To pay the $50 course registration when submitting the application form; check made payable to The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.
(5)   To purchase an insurance policy for disease, injury, and/or theft.  The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles cannot bear any responsibility for any accidents during this program.


Applications must arrive at the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles no later than June 15, 2011, by post.



Acknowledgement of receipt of your application and an information packet will be e-mailed out to applicants on June 20, 2011.  Applications are selected on a first-come-first-served basis with a consideration that priority is given to those who teach in Mid-West states.  If all the seats were taken by the time your application arrived, your check will be returned to you.


The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles is making arrangement for CEU.  Details will be announced later.

Application Form:

An application form is downloadable at the website of the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (

Additional Information:

Please Contact:

Maki Watanabe Isoyama, Senior Program Officer
TheJapanFoundation,Los Angeles
333 South Grand Ave., Suite 2250
Los Angeles,CA90071
Phone: (213) 621-2267
FAX: (213) 621-2590




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