Fun Link Friday: Podcasts for Japanese Learners

by ky_olsen

Just a quick fun link this week, as wrapping up assignments and getting organized has unfortunately taken precedence! Something I’ve been trying to round up here and there is information on more web resources for improving your Japanese. While tidying up my bookmarks I came across this article, which I saved from earlier this year to investigate further:

The author, Philip Seyfi, put together a short list of some online podcasts, some aimed at beginners and some more advanced Japanese language students, meant to boost your listening comprehension and teach you some practical vocab and phrases for daily conversation. I must admit, with my research-oriented Japanese as a priority right now, I definitely plan to look more into these types of programs to make sure my skills don’t deteriorate any more than they already have! Hopefully we’ll be able to track down more of these for you in the future.

Improvements to the site and fresh content coming soon, so bear with us! Have a great weekend!

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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